Inspiring 600% growth and global expansion

New York City, USA

AdParlor, the world’s largest video and social advertising platform, appointed us ahead of some leading agencies in the US to explore the future potential of the brand and ensure alignment to the major social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

The business wanted to establish a clear proposition that would enable differentiation in a highly competitive and aggressive market, provide a platform global expansion and capture and celebrate their unique culture.

Having established the brand and product architecture our work with the executive team refined the corporate proposition and subsequent product propositions to provide more clarity and ease of understanding for customers, partners and investors.

The platform we established helped the business redefine the industry in which they operate and leveraged significant growth opportunities through expansion in to new global territories.

"The outcome was a much clearer, more compelling story and brand architecture that is benefitting all of our communications, and inbound sales leads coming through our website have increased dramatically. We're delivering what we always wanted to deliver with a great brand and it's turning in to awesome growth!"