November 8, 2019

Brand Asset Management


At the very forefront of your business is your brand. Your customers should quickly recognise and clearly remember your brand. Once you’ve invested in creating your core brand elements (logo, fonts, colours, imagery, design templates and guidelines), you need to make sure that your brand is represented correctly and consistently across all of your communication but how do you achieve this?

Everywhere your brand is visible whether it be on social media platforms or adverts, your brand needs to be represented by using the correct images, dimensions and message. This is where Brand Asset Management (BAM) comes in.

Understanding Brand Asset Management

Using a digital file or document for branding or marketing activity is called a brand asset.

The management of these brand assets ensures all of your communication is consistent and that all brand assets are aligned, organised and within easy reach of your team. When there’s a lack of organisation, inconsistent brand assets may be used which in turn dilutes your brand and compromises both recognition and resonance with your audience. When it comes to promoting a brand, quality and consistency is key. If you want to protect your brand, you’ll need brand asset management, it’s a simple as that.

Types of Brand Assets

  • Logos – you will need a variety of different versions and sizes depending on how they are being used.
  • Artwork and graphic templates – these can be used for both digital and print purposes.
  • Internal material – letterheads, email signature, business cards and flyers should all be aligned with your brand.
  • Social media – post and advert templates need to be consistent with your brand guidelines, values and message.
  • Videos – how your videos are created and distributed needs consideration. Your audience needs to recognise your brand in the video.

Avoid Cutting Corners

The pace of communication is ever increasing, this means we’ve all experienced a situation where something needs putting out fast to capitalise on a specific opportunity.  The truth is that if we put something out for the sake of it, we achieve little results.  Always take time when distributing any form of communication, including digital assets. Brand Asset Management will give you the power of creativity and assurance of quality.