June 14, 2019

Brand character evolution


Dayinsure founded in 2005 in the heart of Tarporley, Cheshire was created on the understanding that people don’t always need to buy annual vehicle insurance, it’s much more cost effective to purchase by the hour, or day. Dayinsure’s pioneering technology allows the consumer to pause and play their policy, ensuring that they are always in control.

Dayinsure previously used an outdated character called Frank. His job was to describe the advantages of using Dayinsure on a day to day basis. He was pretty effective and helped the brand in it’s early stages, however, his look was outdated and needed improving to reflect what Dayinsure is today and what it will become in the future. We needed to create a Dayinsure family that would future proof the brand.

Within a brand workshop we started by defining the personalities of each character and how their presence would enhance the Dayinsure brand with the outlook that each character would reflect at least one insurance offering. By creating a family of four we matched both personality and job type to the data of actual Dayinsure customers.

It was decided that Dad was a self employed carpenter, he would need Dayinsure to occasionally use his van when transporting his creations. Mum is an architect, she cycles to work occasionally borrowing the family car for site visits. She also enters triathlons, whereby she borrows dads van to transport her bike. Daughter is a biology student at university, she’s learning to drive so occasionally uses the family car for practice with Mum, and finally, Son, plays football on Sundays and Dad sometimes borrows an MPV to transport the team to different pitches. As a family, they also enjoy holidays in the neighbour’s motorhome, so often use Dayinsure to insure it.

The opportunity to grow the characters with more family members, friends and neighbours is endless. As we have a range of ages and personality types, if Dayinsure were to offer new insurance types, our characters can easily adapt and reflect this. This workshop process verbally refined our sketches giving us something to take to the drawing board.

Initially we created the characters using pencil sketches and created these in the positions which best reflected their personalities. Dad with his arms folded, son slumping at the end of the row, Mum with her hand on her hip and Daughter with headphones around her neck.

The pencil sketches were then transformed into a T-Pose sketch which was built in Z Brush and then refined in Cinema 4D using a mixture of computerised body parts paired with real hair and textures, adding a depth of detail within each scene. Each character is rigged for future animation which currently gives us the flexibility of moving our characters into any chosen pose.

Once our characters were defined and looking their best, we discussed with Dayinsure what would work best on their new website. We created over 15 different scenarios, ranging from a breakdown scene to a family holiday in the motorhome. From the creation of all of the scenarios, we also had over 20 different props to use individually, all with the same Dayinsure style. These are designed to be used when the brand doesn’t need to repeat the characters or the messaging is clearer without a family member.

A new, visual and verbal way of communicating and representing Dayinsure has been developed across a flexible brand operating system, with a handover of over 50 character and prop assets which gives scope to create 1000’s of individual communications. As well as creating Dayinsure’s full brand identity and guidelines we continue to be their brand guardians on all internal and external communications.