January 24, 2019

Bringing financial freedom to life


An overview of the bespoke photography we created for Equity Release Supermarket

In support of the brand evolution we delivered for Cheshire based Equity Release Supermarket we created a suite of bespoke imagery that supported and articulated their new brand positioning ‘financial freedom.’

The images differentiate the businesses communication from the clichés associated with the industry and over 55 market by creating a more aspirational representation of their target audience.

The creative strategy was to move away from the ‘retirement focus’ of the market, instead focussing on the opportunities that equity release provides for the increasingly younger at heart, over 55 market.

We developed a theme for the imagery based around the concept of ‘youth mode.’ Being in youth mode isn’t about perpetually reliving yourself at a younger age, it’s about being youthfully present at any given age. Youth isn’t a process, aging is. In youth mode, you are infinite.

Representing the most common things people use equity release for, from intergenerational gifting and home improvements to new cars and day-to-day financial security we created a realism to the brand that people can associate with and recognise within their own needs and aspirations.

Creating a diverse suite of images in this way also created a strong platform for targeted marketing communications by representing the needs and aspirations of the various segments of the target audience.