Caravan & Motorhome Club

Inspiring a new purpose and 3,200+ new members

East Grinstead, UK

The Club’s executive team had identified an opportunity to broaden its reach and attract new audiences. The result was the renaming of the National institution The Caravan Club to The Caravan and Motorhome Club.

This renaming and repurposing came with a strong new identity that needed to be effectively and purposefully applied to the many facets of the organisation. The club’s brand and marketing teams challenged us to create a coherent and engaging visual language that would give the new identity gravitas.

Our starting point was to understand why? Why was The Club changing, what was its purpose and what were the opportunities to effect this process positively? We worked quickly to establish a visual language that epitomised the proposition and enhanced the identity. In parallel we provided strategic advice to refine their proposition and creative direction to its application.

In doing this, we also identified additional opportunities for development across other facets of the organisation, where the brand language could have a positive effect in transforming their communications. This has manifested itself in supporting the implementation of the brand strategy and tone of voice as well as tactical communications and brand experience across club sites and restaurants.

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