Equity Release Supermarket

Inspiring 400% growth

Financial Services
Warrington, UK

We first met the Founder of the business in 2013. After realising a number of years of early success he was working hard to deliver his strong vision but felt the existing brand and communications did not reflect his aspiration and was hindering the businesses ability to achieve it.

The opportunity we identified was to build a brand platform that truly represented, articulated and enhanced the businesses vision of becoming the leading equity release advisory service in the UK. A key focus of the challenge was to ensure relevance to a very niche target market and create a unique point of difference from competitors based on the businesses unique approach, commitment to innovation and value to customers.

In building the brand strategy, we observed a new dynamic within financial prioritisation. Our insight highlighted a shift in the buying process of the target market. Acknowledging that customers prefer to research their options prior to engaging professional advice, we positioned the brand to reflect this need by emphasising their proposition of being a ‘supermarket’. The subsequent strategy was built around a brand promise of empowering, educating and inspiring customers about the potential of equity release.

Since our first intervention the business has enjoyed growth at a significantly higher rate than the market as a whole and is now one of the UK’s largest and most respected equity release brokers, growing from a team of four advisers to over 50.

Following a period of high growth, the business entered a new life stage. We therefore worked to define an evolution of the original strategy that reflected the progression of the company from challenger to leader.

In creating the new identity, our challenge was to further optimise the brand for its increasingly digital presence while also emphasising their unique brand positioning as a whole of market ‘supermarket’.

The new identity was accompanied by a refresh of the visual language and bespoke photography that differentiates their communication from the clichés associated with the industry and becomes more aspirational for their target audience.

We continue to work closely with the founder of the business and have regular workshop sessions to review and plan the upcoming strategy and tactics to ensure relentless momentum of the brand and marketing.

"Fogg have been instrumental in our success. They quickly understood our niche marketplace and not only that but were able to see the opportunities therein. This was essential and will now provide me with a head start on my competition, whom I’m sure will be looking on enviously! It’s only a matter of time that we will become more of a household name in the equity release market. Thank you all for the work so far... and for the promising future we are all looking forward to."