Inspiring traction from creation to a £5m valuation

Manchester, UK

As a start-up technology business entering a very competitive retail marketplace with a unique product and proposition the founders of Everywalk understood the importance of building the business on the foundation of a robust brand.

Building a strong brand platform would be essential to ensure they were able to articulate their vision and ideas to key stakeholders, develop the product, communicate with early adopters and protect their market opportunity with a significant barrier to entry.

The starting point was to clarify precisely what the founders’ vision for Everywalk was and the opportunity they were seeking to exploit. The result formed the basis of the value proposition and product market fit.

Being able to articulate and present their opportunity so well the founders were able to secure significant investment into the business, establish partnerships with some of the UK’s best-known brands and form strong strategic partnerships with some of the UK’s leading retailers.

"Often the obvious needs are over looked in favour of a purely graphic solutions to branding. Fogg were so business focussed and their determination in shaping our value proposition has accelerated and evidenced our market fit, making a real difference to our traction. It’s simple, Fogg are not just an agency, they are very strategic business partner."