Horwich Farrelly

Inspiring a 15% increase in turnover

Professional Services
Manchester, UK

Originally established in 1969, Horwich Farrelly was entering a new phase of strategic development and felt their existing brand was outdated and didn’t reflect their vision or aspirations.

Our starting point in building the brand was to engage with the business on a personal level to understand the unique culture it had established. The result was an understanding that Horwich Farrelly are truly unique in both the services they provide and the way the business operates and engages with clients.

We defined a market positioning that captured their expertise, personality and values. Articulated via a flexible message platform that embraces a duality of how proud Horwich Farrelly is of its unique personality, the brand promise also focussed around their core proposition of being specialists in what they do.

Along with bringing a new life to the business by refreshing the logo, colour palette and typography, we created a design system that helped customers navigate their offering more easily. Our work created the platform for the business to enjoy years of successive growth and attract the best legal talent to its offices across the UK.

"Fogg really got under the surface of Horwich Farrelly and developed a deep understanding of what we are about. As a result, as well as doing a great visual branding job they came up with an overarching message that is strikingly simple, very relevant to our market and highly adaptable to our various audiences. All in all, a job well done."