November 2, 2018

Keep it simple


Throughout our experience of working with businesses of varying sectors, sizes and stages of lifecycle we often come across a common approach to the way they communicate.

Understandably, many businesses feel the need to communicate everything they do with an insatiable immediacy in an attempt to ensure they don’t undersell themselves and miss any opportunities with their customers.

This ‘push’ approach however, can often hide and dilute what you stand for (your brand positioning) and have a detrimental affect on the way your customers navigate through your proposition and engage with your business. It can also mean employees interpret your business in varying ways which can mean sales messages are confused and conflicting, ultimately impacting how effectively your team sell your business.

Establishing a simple and concise entry point will enable customers and prospects to quickly understand your proposition, position in the market and how to utilise your business.

One of the first and most important phases of the process we go through with clients when we begin a brand development program is to understand and simplify the journey or ‘brand story’ from a customer’s perspective – we call this ‘flipping the focus.’

This process involves establishing a brand and communication architecture and concludes in identifying a simple but coherent and engaging entry point in the form of a positioning statement and brand message.

From an internal perspective your brand message and positioning should encapsulate the ethos and culture of the business so that internal stakeholders feel empowered to stand up for it and live through their day to day operations.

From an external perspective it should;
• become an entry point and define your organisation – both what you do and how you do it
• differentiate you from your competition
• capture the essence of your market to give you a competitive advantage
• allow your customers to identify themselves and their needs in your proposition
• drive the business forward and be something the business aspires to
• provide an agility to your brand so it can adapt to different customer segments & demands and changing in market conditions

Capturing all of these objectives in one simple message can be tricky but a strong brand positioning and message platform is the basis from which all the best brands are built and communicated from.

An effective positioning and brand message will capture your customer’s attention and make them hungry to learn more about you and your business. This therefore encourages them to navigate through your offer consuming one chapter of your ‘brand story’ at a time.

Planning the journey through your brand from your customer’s perspective, making it concise, relevant and engaging will ultimately improve acquisition and retention by acting as a ‘pull’ mechanism rather than a ‘push’.

Going through this process, to define who you are and encapsulate your business in a simple sentence ensuring you mark a tick against each of the objectives above is one of the most important things a brand can do but it can be a real challenge. That’s where an external perspective can really help. We have a great deal of experience in helping businesses overcome this exact challenge – it can be done no matter how complicated your business.

Please see the image at the top of this post for a few examples that we’ve created over the years and that have helped businesses of all shapes and sizes solve some complex and diverse challenges.

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