September 5, 2019

Logo design created for success


Successful branding and logo plans in today’s world must be all-encompassing. They must cover all digital platforms as well as traditional channels with the aim of interacting with consumers and clients via the devices they choose to use.

Logo aims

The aim of your logo is simple; to distinguish your particular brand from others and to become a powerful selling tool for your business.

Your logo is not your complete brand or business identity but it should act as the simplest way in which to identify your business and reinforce or emphasise your perceived corporate image, otherwise known as your brand.

This simplicity is key to success. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is overloading their logos with detail.

Your logo should identify your business clearly, whilst motivating your audience to make them want to know more. The use of clear fonts and appropriate colours can be key to achieving this aim.

Design ideas

Your logo should focus on a simple word, image or icon with the aim of making it stand out and entice the consumer. It should be instantly recognisable and not require any deciphering by the viewer. Make it so simple that your audience knows it’s you instantly.

It should also reflect other aspects of your wider branding efforts. The consistent use of colour, for example, can serve to draw different platforms together.

How Fogg can help

We know what it takes to create great brands that attract lifelong customers.

Making an emotional connection with your audience is the key to success.  Whether you’ve already got a brand that needs revamping or you’re a new start-up, we can help you every step of the way.

Schedule a call or face to face meeting with our team and let us help you create a brand you can be proud of.