October 26, 2018

My first week at Fogg


Here Daniela reflects on her first week at Fogg:

As a third-year History undergraduate wanting to pursue a career in marketing and branding, but knowing very little about specific roles or specialisation within the sector, I approached my placement at Fogg with positivity and a very open mind as I was unsure of what would be in store.

To begin the week, I was given an initial introduction to the Fogg company values, the general client process and the executives that make up the Fogg team. This gave me a greater insight into the several different aspects that are necessary for a marketing and branding company to thrive and be successful.

The morning was spent shadowing a meeting regarding a client’s company rebrand and the decision-making involved regarding colour choices, materials and promotional items, which made everything I had learned during A Level Product Design seem very dated!

In the afternoon, I was assigned to work with Mic, the Video Editor and Motion Designer at Fogg, who had been given the task to create a short animation highlighting a client’s rebrand which would be shown at a conference to the company’s clientele. We were given a brief outline regarding the purpose of the rebrand, what the new features of the company were and what theme we should follow throughout the animation.

After some initial brainstorming of ideas in line with the content highlighted within a pre-constructed voiceover script, we began the animation process choosing audio which provided a foundation for the film. We wanted to choose a music clip that successfully represented the company’s style and ethos whilst also demonstrated the freshness associated with a company rebrand. After deciding on a suitable music extract, we cracked on with creating a voiceover. To my surprise, I was asked to step-in as the voiceover for the time-being to form a basic outline of what the final animation might sound like.

We then began the animation process which was something that I did not have any experience in, except for the occasional basic editing used for videos on my personal YouTube channel. Although the software Mic used seemed very complex, he was very good at explaining exactly what he was doing and how he was doing it, which was very helpful to a beginner like myself. Throughout the design process, I began to realise just how much time and effort was required to make a film or animation which would successfully meet, and exceed, the needs and desires of the client and uphold the reputation of Fogg.

Over the next few days, we worked consistently to adjust and edit different sections of the animation to meet the specifications necessary. This required in-depth brainstorming and I was able to develop my confidence in suggesting ideas for concepts, even if they did seem a little abstract sometimes, which is a personal skill I have wanted to work on for some time. After tweaking and changing several different elements of the film, several times, we concluded the week with the submission of a final draft of the animation.

In three and a half days, I had witnessed, and been a part of, the animation/film process for the rebranding of a business client. My contribution for this project was way more than I had expected for the whole five-week internship period, never mind three days!

So my verdict after my first week? Very impressed. I’m excited as to what the next few weeks will hold and the variety of projects that I may be able to be a part of. Bring on week two!