Nouveau Beauty Group

Inspiring transformational growth and industry acclaim

Health & Beauty
Leeds, UK

Our starting point with Nouveau Beauty Group was to work with the Founder to devise a strategy for a portfolio of brands consisting of Blink+Go, LVL and Nouveau Lashes. Our approach was to enable greater distinction between the brands through a more focussed positioning. We achieved this by building upon the inherent attributes of the products whilst addressing the needs of the three distinct target audiences.

The core product proposition for Blink+Go was the speed at which the lashes could be applied. We enhanced this by considering the theory of ‘cause and effect.’ We devised a message platform for the brand to communicate the effectiveness of wearing the lashes; what the individual could achieve ‘in the blink of an eye.’ 

The core product proposition for LVL is how this particular treatment enhances natural lashes. We observed the opportunity to create a brand with a sexy sophistication to capture the behaviour of women empowered by their naturally enhanced appearance. We created a series of ‘confessional’ messages, inspired by the results of a newfound confidence, resolving emphatically in, ‘it’s in your nature.’

Building upon eyes being ‘windows to the soul’ and reinventing the concept of ‘flashing’ for Nouveau Lashes, we created a sultry brand image and message platform to capture the essence of what a powerful insight your eyes can reveal. 

Our work has inspired numerous celebrity endorsements across the portfolio from Sophie Ellis Bextor to Michelle Keegan as well as adoption by some of the UK’s leading retail and beauty brands including Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Malmaison and Saks. 

"From the first point of contact with Fogg their professionalism, personal touch and attention to detail was evident. Working alongside them we've learnt so much about what is necessary in building strong brands that effectively engage with our target audience. We now feel our brands can comfortably compete with the major brands in our sector and are now looking forward to taking the brand to a whole new level, together, over the coming years."