Inspiring a new global vision

Warrington, UK

The leadership team at Operational were looking to build a brand with greater purpose and align their global territories under one consistent positioning.

The key focus of the challenge was to establish a greater relevance to their customers and simplify their complex product offering by creating a more engaging proposition.

We began by understanding their business and market in more detail through our Brandscape Analysis and stakeholder research to understand the actual needs of their customers and internal stakeholders across the group of companies and global territories.

What we identified through the research programme was not just an insight in to how we could add more value to the brand but across every aspect of their business from HR, culture, customer relationship management and sales.

We identified an opportunity to build a strong brand platform for the business that worked across their network and brought greater transparency and connectivity between each territory.

The core concept and positioning informed the repurposed identity that helped the business position themselves as innovators in the market around a stronger and more meaningful brand promise.

"Fogg's work went further than just ‘brand’ and ‘marketing analysis’. It highlighted strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity in other key areas of the business such as HR, Culture and Customer Relationship Management, leading us to consider further internal projects to improve the way we work."