Salford Red Devils

Inspiring community cohesion and 31% increase in average home attendance

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Salford, UK

Following a number of years of change including a new stadium, changes in ownership and a lack of success on the field, Salford Red Devils were going through a testing time as a business. Rumours of relocation and changing the identity to Manchester were also causing unrest among the fan base.

Having refreshed the clubs badge a number of times in recent years it could have been considered that another branding project should have been the last thing on the agenda so it was imperative that our approach went beyond a simple redesign.

From our early conversations with the club it was clear it needed a way of reconnecting with fans that had become disenchanted over the years and were looking for more from the club that they could truly belong to. All of these factors meant it was crucial that we spoke to and engaged fans throughout the process to learn from and acknowledge their insight and desire for stability.

The combination of robust quantitative data and qualitative perspectives gave us a definitive direction when developing the club’s identity beyond the design of the badge. Away from rugby, the club was the life and soul of Salford and had been for generations. Fans wanted its identity to reconnect them with the club that had for so long being at the heart of the community.

The new identity has given proud Salfordians something that represents who they are. It acknowledges their character, spirit and resilience while importantly representing their clubs rich heritage and optimistic future.

"I cannot thank the team at Fogg enough for the work and support they offered us. They are a fantastic group of professionals, who when faced with a challenge (and we gave them quite a few) never panicked and quickly found solutions which would not only solve the problem but in most cases enhance the outcome positively for us. They are young and energetic company that worked hard at achieving our objectives."