Kirsten takes five minutes to reflect on five things she wish she knew before embarking on her career in design:

Ask questions.
Its simple. Never mind googling a question then having to fish through websites to find your answer. From a student, through to now, if I was ever unsure of something I’d ask a colleague. Save time, be social – it shows that you are eager to learn and expand your knowledge.

Actually update your software.
Technology these days evolves so rapidly that it can sometimes be hard to keep up but companies generally bring out updates to improve things and not just for the fun of it. I recommend that when you update software, take some time (even 10mins) to watch a tutorial or have a play – you’ll never know what features you may find to help you.

Clients aren’t your worst enemy.
There are many memes, blogs and forums that joke about what a nightmare clients can be for designers. From ‘make the logo bigger’ to ‘I can’t pay but it will give you good exposure’. But in reality both clients and designers just want the best out of a project so communication is key. We’ve found through great communication comes positive client relationships both in and outside work.

Research and reference.
As a graduate, it is easy to get swept away in a fast paced industry with short deadlines and quick turn arounds, meaning steps such as researching a client and finding inspiration could easily become the last thing you think about. Research and reference are the foundations of any creative project so make sure there is always time dedicated to these crucial steps.

Food mean friends.
A treat now and then can go down a storm. (I am not talking about buying cakes every lunch time). Whether you see something on offer, a new product or some nice packaging, treat you colleagues to the little pick me – they will love you for it later!