Warrington Wolves

Inspiring professionalism and 29% growth

Sport & Leisure
Warrington, UK

Over the years, and despite success on and off the field, the Warrington Wolves brand had been diluted and become fragmented. The result was that the club had lost connection with its fans. Following the arrival of a new CEO and board members, the Club was about to embark on a period of change driven by an ambitious vision. A solid brand platform was required to inspire and drive this change positively whilst also reconnecting the club with current fans and attracting new audiences by celebrating its success both on and off the pitch.

Our starting point was the fans. The Club’s incredibly passionate, varied and vocal audience presented both a challenge and opportunity. It was crucial that we spoke to and engaged them throughout the process to learn from and acknowledge their insight. The combination of robust quantitative data and qualitative perspectives gave us a definitive direction when developing the identity and brand strategy.

It was clear from the outset that a new logo alone was not going to be enough to provide the club with the impetus it required and ensure it connected with fans over the longer term. Our solution was in creating a brand promise, a unifying ethos that brought together the rich heritage of the club, the character of the town and the ambition of the new leadership team to recognise the collective responsibility to succeed sportingly, on and off the pitch.

Since the launch of the brand our partnership with the club has defined a new approach to its strategic marketing, commercial proposition and retail activities. The success of which have been evident in the transformation of the club’s off-field successes.

"This was a fast-paced project but working closely with Fogg we nailed it. Within a year the dial had turned in terms of numbers across the board and the fans were emotionally connected to the club again. Fogg were a close and critical partner to us, they didn’t hold back in telling us what needed to be done and what needed to be achieved – they really are passionate about business."