How do you enable your audience to recognise themselves in your business?

Financial Services
Cheshire, UK

Having established strong momentum in the business, the leadership team at Dayinsure felt there was more potential with the business and briefed us to help them define how the brand could be a key factor in realising its potential.

We began with a strategic review of the brand. Engaging all areas of the business we identified opportunities for improving efficiencies and enhancing how they take the business to market. The result was a stronger positioning brought to life through a differentiated and distinct verbal identity that enabled the business to take ownership of a new category.

Having strengthened the verbal identity we began shaping the visual identity to reflect the personas, needs and varied lifestyles of the audience, embrace the new opportunities and bring the strategy to life.

We devised a visual identity system that gives the brand stronger recognition and improved flexibility across all touch-points. In support of the design assets we created a collection of 3D characters that gives the businesses personality greater relevance, longevity and enables a broader range of application across their varied touch-points.

Following the launch of the brand we continue to support the business by being brand guardians, strategic consultants and providing agile creative and design support across all internal and external communications to improve how they engage their varied audiences.